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Our works

Here you can find some of our projects carried out to date. We collaborate with some of the largest companies, providing only high quality products.

"Haunted House" - Decentraland

The Haunted House is a 2 floors (main floor & 1st floor) venue containing the lobby and a Horror Disco at the main floor and a Chamber of Horrors - scary NFT gallery, shooting game and an NFT/wearables vendor at the first floor.

It reached the top 10 spaces used weekly on Decentraland and it will be the main horror attraction during Halloween season.

Schermata 2022-04-08 alle 11.40.21.png

"A wizard journey" - Intesa

"A Wizard's Journey" is a platform game with an educational-narrative component, designed to represent a way of learning social skills for people with highly functioning ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). In this game there is a pre-established, progressive and reinforcing learning path of social skills, made up of multiple choices and related consequences. On top of that, the game features HQ horizontal scrolling 2.5D graphics.

"Il canto dell'albero" - Iren

The "Il Canto dell'Albero" project has been able to translate Iren's requests into a didactic key into an interactive and fun game-based solution, capable of involving users in an adventurous journey that recounts the various criticalities present in our behavior. towards nature and the environment. In addition, the challenge factor of the game allows you to measure yourself in a stimulating way on the concepts present in the plot, significantly increasing user engagement.

Screenshot ios 01.jpg
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Mr. Bydon - Etra Spa

The Mr. Bydon project allows students to learn environmental concepts in a fun and engaging way, in line with recent theories of gamification and learning by doing. In this way, learning takes place both directly (through the dynamics of the game) and indirectly (thanks to the content in the app). The practice of the game is effective in people and results in the development of a certain mastery and concepts of the environment and inserted into the gameplay.

Amiu GO! - Amiu Spa

“Amiu Go” was also created with the aim of educating about sustainability, involving the user in a series of timed questions on the correct placement of waste. The game is available for mobile devices on both the Play Store and the App Store. Within the app, various features have been included such as Tournament mode (a prize event) and a general ranking of user scores.


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